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WebSurvey goes open source! Download the VS 2005 Solution at http://codeplex.com/websurvey/

Note that you can still download the DLL from this site but that it will no longer receive updates. All source code updates henceforth will happen through the Codeplex site.

Now available: WebSurvey v2.7 Beta 3!
Download it here.

WebSurvey v2.6

WebSurvey is a ASP.NET Server Control designed to quickly and easily allow web developers to add custom web-based surveys to their web sites.

If you are familiar with using ASP.NET server controls and can write a little bit of well-formed XML, you can should be able to get the WebSurvey control working on your web site in no time at all!

Some features of the WebSurvey Control:

What's new in v2.6?